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Yada Talks Repositioning with Gensler

Gensler - rethink, reposition, reimagine

The second of our new series to complement YADA Networking, YADA Talks, looks to question every day and engage in a discussion amongst inspiring thinkers, changemakers and risk-takers. The aim is to create a community where attendees can share their project stories, engage with ideas and each other, challenge the status quo, and celebrate architects’ and developers’ positive relationships, leading to motivated project teams and great architecture.

For our second talk, we partnered with Gensler.

Hosted by Estates Gazette’s editor Samantha McClary Gensler looked at how can we adapt our built environment to a world that is rapidly changing? Gensler discussed three buildings in London that they have recently reimagined to meet the demands of the future - starting with their own new home, No.6.


Gensler’s new home in No.6 Thomas More square provided them with an unparalleled opportunity to re-imagine and redesign an entire building for their London workspace. Working with Resolution Property, they designed a space that provides a diverse range of interconnected work settings to fully enable their teams to create together to deliver industry-leading design for their clients every day. This building aims to create and encourage a dynamic mix of activities and aims to display social interaction, commercial activity and open opportunity to bring the renewed exterior environment into the ground level of the building, connecting it to the public realm.

Your Space (Stephen Lawrence Centre)

Working closely with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, Gensler donated time and design expertise to reimagine this existing space. The design intent was to create a motivating setting that fosters networking, development, and collaboration among emerging architects, designers, and creatives, with a focus on the positive outcomes of the Trust’s work that have followed Stephen Lawrence’s tragic death in 1993. With an open and bright interior concept, the new co-working hub is a manifestation of the emotional and physical healing process and the Trust’s journey since it was founded 20 years ago.

Cargo - Canary Wharf

Cargo at 25 North Colonnade is a major repositioning scheme in Canary Wharf, London. The proposals seek to revitalise a 1990's office building – one of the first to be built in the wharf – to new prominence through its adjacency to the Elizabeth Line station; a major new transport node serving over 150,000 people a day. Through an extensive cut and carve intervention to the podium, along with the provision of a large public market hall at dock level, the scheme aims to create a new destination at the heart of the wharf for employees, tourists and residents alike. The project is currently under construction and due for completion in 2020.

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