Photography by: Agnese Sanvito

Yada Talks Rathbone Square with Make & Great Portland Estates

Rathbone Square

The first of our new series to complement YADA Networking, YADA Talks, looks to question the every day and engage in a discussion amongst inspiring thinkers, changemakers and risk-takers. The aim is to create a community where attendees can share their project stories, engage with ideas and each other, challenge the status quo, and celebrate architects’ and developers’ positive relationships, leading to motivated project teams and great architecture.

For our first talk, we partnered with Make Architects and Great Portland Estates to spark conversation around collaboration between young architect and developer teams. We looked at how these practices came together and created a unique opportunity to experience innermost London through their Rathbone Square project in London. Young ‘makers’ and developers spoke about collaborative project teams, new working methodologies and drivers of project success. A vast new development of residential, office, retail and public space, the project harmonizes the area’s eclectic architecture and 18th-century streetscapes through changes in scale, material, and detail, while opening up new public realm.

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Further Information on Rathbone Project, Make Architects and Great Portland Estates: