Yada Launch Party @ The Workshop LDN

Yada is quite simply about getting young architects and developers talking to each other, and crucially understanding each other better. We’ve all had those frustrating days at work when it’s almost as if you’re talking different languages. What often results is a project with a compromised design, delivered by a demotivated team.

We think that through simple conversation, we can gain an insight into our opposite disciplines’ motivations and challenges, allowing us to work together to deliver better designed, commercially succesful developments. Just think how many ideas start amongst friends in the pub?!

First things first, let’s just talk. Our launch party on Thursday 24th November at The Workshop London will be the first of a series of social events for young (under 35) developers and architects. The events will be free (registration required) so come along, bring your colleagues, have a drink and chat to a few people – who knows who you might meet! And you don’t even need to wear a name badge, we promise!

We look forward to meeting you.

Yada Board 2016